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Manually Enabling the UA Connect Helper Tool

Some 3rd-party "system cleaner" software for macOS disables a tool which UA Connect needs to install UA software. If you were directed to this article from UA Connect because you had issues downloading UA software, you’ll need to manually re-enable the UA Connect tool using this procedure.

1. Disable your 3rd-party "system cleaner" software

2. In macOS Finder, open the Go menu and select Utilities

3. In the window that opens, launch Terminal

4. Copy the command below, paste it into Terminal, and press Enter:
sudo launchctl enable system/com.uaudio.bsd.helper


5. Enter your Mac user password when prompted, and hit Enter
Note: No text will be displayed when typing your password.

6. Restart your computer

7. Open UA Connect

8. In UA Connect, uninstall the item you couldn't download from its ⋯ options menu

9. In UA Connect, download the item again.

Note: If the 3rd-party software is subsequently re-enabled, you may need to repeat this procedure in the future.


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