Issue Authenticating with UA Cloud

When attempting to log into UA Connect, the following error message appears:


Closed Cloud Session or Another Computer is Using Cloud Licenses

Note: The following fix will not work unless the UA Connect application is quit completely. Any attempt to sign back in after opening the cloud session while the UA Connect app is still running will result in the same error.

  1. Quit out of UA Connect.
  2. Log into iLok License Manager.
  3. Go to File in the upper menu bar and click Close All Cloud Sessions or Close Your Cloud Session whichever one is available. If only Open Your Cloud Session is available then click Open Cloud Session and move to step 5.

  4. Once the cloud sessions are closed, you can click File and select Open Your Cloud Session.
  5. Open UA Connect.


Conflicting Security or Anti-Virus Software on the System

This issue can occur if you have conflicting software preventing UA Cloud Helper from working properly, for example, some type of security or anti-virus software. Check the list of known conflicting software present in this article.

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