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UAD-2 PCIe Windows Motherboard Compatibility

Listed below are all currently known PC motherboard compatibility issues with the UAD. No other hardware issues are known at this time. For information on PC software issues, please review the UAD software release notes.


  • If you already have one of the below motherboards, we recommend trying the latest BIOS update to find out if any incompatibility issues have recently been fixed.
  • For details on Ryzen CPU compatibility, click here

Dell XPS 8500 computers are incompatible with UAD-2 OCTO

Symptom: UAD-2 OCTO cards are not recognized when installed in Dell XPS 8500 systems.

The UAD-2 OCTO is incompatible with Dell XPS 8500 systems. UAD-2 SOLO, DUO, and QUAD cards are compatible.

Dell Precision Series 4xx / 6xx (specifically 470 / 670) are incompatible with UAD-2 PCIe

Symptom: Inability to recognize UAD-2 Hardware ID preventing registration and major performance issues preventing any use of the cards.

The UAD-2 is incompatible with the Dell Precision Series 4xx / 6xx (specifically 470 / 670) systems. We do not recommend using the UAD-2 with these systems.

Lenovo X200 / LCS2 is incompatible with UAD-2 SOLO/Laptop

Symptom: Complete system freeze.

We've had user reports of incompatibilities with SOLO/Laptop and this system. We are looking into the issue, and currently do not recommend this configuration until a resolution is found.

Intel DX58SO motherboard is incompatible with UAD-2 PCIe

Symptom: Opening the UAD Meter & Control panel application, or attempting to open a UAD plug-in while a UAD-2 is installed, will completely freeze the system or cause a BSOD.

The UAD-2 is incompatible with the Intel DX58SO motherboard. We recommend choosing a different motherboard for use with UAD-2, as there are currently no workarounds.