UAD-2 Live Rack Documentation

UAD-2 Live Rack Manuals

The UAD-2 Live Rack operation manual can be downloaded here:

The UAD Plug-Ins Manual for UAD-2 Live Rack can be downloaded here:

  • UAD-2 Live Rack Plug-Ins Manual (UAD v9.4.2) — Complete operation guide for individual UAD Powered Plug-Ins developed by Universal Audio for UAD-2 Live Rack

Data Sheet

UAD-2 Live Rack Software Documentation

After software installation, the UAD-2 Live Rack operation manuals are at this location on the startup drive:

  • Macintosh HD/Applications/Universal Audio/

    Tip: After software installation, user manuals can also be accessed by clicking the "View Documentation" button in the Help panel within the UAD Meter & Control Panel application.

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