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UAD-2 Live Rack OS Configuration

Before using UAD‐2 Live Rack, the specific settings in this section must be made in the macOS System Preferences > Energy Saver pane to ensure proper operation.

The System Preferences application can be accessed from the Apple Menu (under the Apple icon at the upper left of display). To access the Energy Saver pane, click its icon or name in the main System Preferences window.

Power Adapter and Battery Tabs

The Energy Saver pane has "Battery" and "Power Adapter" tabs for configuring different settings when the computer is running on the power adapter versus running on internal battery power. The required operating system settings must be set in both tabs.

Note that UAD‐2 Live Rack is fully qualified only when the Mac is connected to a power source. However, ensure that Sleep is deactivated in the Battery tab in case the computer's power adapter is inadvertently disconnected.

Important: UAD-2 Live Rack is qualified when the computer is running on AC power, and using UAD-2 Live Rack with battery power is not a supported configuration. When using portable systems such as MacBook series notebook computers, always use the included power adapter for optimum results.


The required macOS system settings for proper UAD-2 Live Rack operation.
Configure the Battery and Power Adapter tabs so both have the same settings.

Required System Settings

Set the Battery and Power Adapter tabs in the Energy Save pane to use these settings:

Disable Display Sleep – Set display sleep to "Never" by dragging the "Turn display off after" slider to the far right position.

Although display sleep is benign to the system, disabling display sleep is recommended to prevent the issuing of inadvertent mouse/keyboard clicks that could send potentially destructive commands to the UAD‐2 Live Rack software.

Disable Computer Sleep – In the Power Adapter tab, enable the "Prevent computer from sleeping automatically when the display is off" option.

Disable Hard Disk Sleep – In the Power Adapter tab, disable the "Put hard disks to sleep when possible" option to ensure consistent computer performance.

Enable Wake for network access – In the Power Adapter tab, enable the "Wake for network access" option.

Soundcraft Vi Series consoles require "Wake for network access" to be enabled in macOS in order to prevent losing the communication link between the Mac running Live Rack software and the Soundcraft Vi console if/when the Mac enters Sleep mode.

Important: If "Wake for network access" is disabled and the computer enters System Sleep (either intentionally or unintentionally), the Mac will require a system restart or a disconnect/reconnect of the Thunderbolt cable to recover after waking from sleep