UAD-2 Live Rack Uninstall / Reinstall Procedure

Note: Make sure to manually delete the UAD preference files as described below.

1. In Finder, navigate to this folder:
/Applications/Universal Audio/

 2. Open the application named “Uninstall Universal Audio Software” by double-clicking its icon.

 3. Click the “Uninstall UA Software” button in the Uninstall Universal Audio Software window. All UAD software is deleted and the uninstall process is complete.

4. Delete the UAD preference files as directed below.


UAD Preference Files

UAD preference files are used to save global system values such as those set in the UAD Meter & Control Panel, Console Settings window, UAD window positions, and similar settings.

Important Note: If Live Rack software is being uninstalled so UAD software for an Apollo or Arrow can be installed, the Live Rack software preference files must be manually deleted. If the preference files are not deleted, the Apollo or Arrow interface will not be recognized properly in Console.

To access ~/Library/Preferences/ (which is hidden by the OS), hold down the Option key while accessing the Go menu in the macOS Finder (in the Menu Bar at top of screen when Finder is in the foreground). When Option is pressed, "Library" becomes visible in the menu so the hidden location can be opened.

Delete the following folder (and its contents):

~/Library/Preferences/Universal Audio

Once the UAD software has been uninstalled and the preference files have been removed, reinstall using the latest version of UAD software found at the link below:

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