Can I use UAD software & Live Rack software on the same computer?

No. UAD-2 Live Rack is incompatible with UAD software used for all other UAD devices (including UAD-2 DSP Accelerators, Apollo interfaces, and Arrow), and all other UAD devices are incompatible with Live Rack software. UAD software and Live Rack software cannot be co-installed on the same computer.

Important Note: Co-installation of both UAD-2 Live Rack software and other UAD software can lead to application and/or system hangs.

In order to use UAD-2 Live Rack with a computer that previously had other UAD software installed you will first need to perform a complete uninstall of the previous UAD software, including manually deleting the preference files. Conversely, UAD-2 Live Rack software must be manually uninstalled before installing UAD software for UAD-2 DSP Accelerators and UA audio interfaces. Please see the article below for directions.

UAD-2 Live Rack Uninstall / Reinstall Procedure

Once the previous UAD software has been uninstalled and all preference files have been removed, UAD-2 Live Rack software can be installed. Click here to download the UAD-2 Live Rack software. 

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