Switching iLok Modes when there are LUNA Activation Issues

When launching LUNA for the first time, you will be able to link an existing iLok account. If you don’t have one, an iLok account is automatically created for you when clicking CREATE. This will deposit the LUNA license in an iLok account associated with the email address used to log in to LUNA. By default, iLok License Manager is set to Automatic Mode. In Automatic Mode, the iLok Cloud will find all available licenses that can be activated, and automatically activate them. When launching LUNA this cloud session is normally started for you (an available internet connection is required).


Automatic Mode

In some cases, the iLok License Manager will not start and you must open this manually. See the instructions below to start a cloud session.

If you already have an existing iLok account and/or are storing licenses on an iLok Smart Key or Local Drive, the iLok account may be set to Managed Mode. 


Managed Mode

In Managed Mode, licenses will need to be activated to the iLok Cloud account before LUNA will run. This activation process can be done in iLok License Manager. If the LUNA license is not activated, you may see the following error message when opening LUNA:

3.pngLUNA License Activation Code 

To determine which mode your iLok account is in, open the iLok License Manager from the Applications folder on your Mac. Click the Sign In button to log in to your iLok account. If you forgot your password, please click here for instructions on how to reset your iLok account password.


Once logged in, take a look at the location tray to verify which mode applies to your iLok account with your LUNA license. The icons displayed above will indicate the current mode. If this is in Managed Mode, right-click on the icon in the location tray, and click on Show Details.


4.pngiLok Show Details


In the Show Details section highlighted below, click on Switch to Automatic Mode.

5.pngiLok License Manager window


In the next window, click Agree.



iLok Cloud Mode agreement window


Once the iLok account is successfully set to Automatic Mode, re-launch LUNA.

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