Troubleshooting Activation Issues in LUNA

After purchasing a UAD Instrument or Extension, or when starting a demo for a UAD Instrument or Extension, it may take a few minutes for the license(s) to populate. This can depend on how busy the iLok servers are. Please wait a few minutes and try again.


If you continue to encounter activation issues, please follow the instructions below to switch your iLok account to Automatic Mode and close and reopen the iLok Cloud session.

Note: iLok License Manager was automatically installed to your Mac’s Applications folder when LUNA was installed.

  1. Quit LUNA.
  1. Launch iLok License Manager and sign in using your iLok account credentials.


  1. Once logged in, take a look at the location tray to verify which mode applies to your account with your LUNA license. The icons displayed below will indicate the current mode.


Automatic Mode


Managed Mode

4. If the account is in Managed Mode, right-click on the icon in the location tray, and click Show Details. If the account is set to Automatic Mode, skip to step 6.


5. In the Show Details section highlighted below, click Switch to Automatic Mode.


  1. Click File in the menu bar, and select Close Your Cloud Session.


  1. Click File in the menu bar, and select Open Your Cloud Session.


  1. Launch LUNA and navigate to the Manage page to confirm the UAD Instrument or Extension is installed. If the UAD Instrument or Extension has never been installed, choose Download next to the UAD Instrument or Extension to proceed to install.


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