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macOS 11 Big Sur Compatibility Info

As you may know, Apple will be releasing macOS 11 Big Sur in the near future.

Please note — UAD, Apollo, and LUNA software is not yet compatible with macOS 11 Big Sur.

We recommend that you wait until UAD software compatibility with Big Sur is announced before updating to this new operating system.

Important: To prevent macOS from updating automatically, uncheck the “Install macOS updates” option in System Preferences > Software Update > Advanced options, as shown below.


How to disable automatic macOS updates

  1. Open System Preferences under the Apple Menu at upper left of display.
  2. Click the Software Update icon to open the preference pane.
  3. Click the Advanced… button at lower right of the Software Update pane.
  4. Uncheck the Install macOS updates option, then click OK.

image1.pngDisabling automatic macOS updates in System Preferences


About macOS 11 Big Sur and UAD software

  • If UAD v9.12.2 (and earlier) software is installed before or after updating to Big Sur, UA software will not function as expected. In these cases, some issues may be apparent (see specific known issues below).
  • The current version of UAD software (UAD v9.12.2) is tested and compatible with other versions of macOS, including 10.14 Mojave and 10.15 Catalina.
  • UAD, Apollo, and LUNA compatibility with Big Sur is being developed and tested now, and complete Big Sur qualification will be released in future UA software updates.
  • This article will be updated as new information becomes available.

Known issues with macOS Big Sur and UAD software

  • Apollo Console application has graphical performance issues
  • UAD Meter & Control Panel application is not compatible
  • UAD plug-ins will not load in Logic Pro
  • Graphical animations in certain UAD plug-ins may not display correctly


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