Why am I being charged VAT on my plug-in order?

Note: This article only applies to EU customers

Q: Why am I being charged VAT on my plug-in order?

A: As of January 2015, all companies selling products into the EU are required to charge VAT for online sales. To comply with this requirement, we now display prices for our plug-ins in EUR for the 28 nations of the EU and in GBP for the UK.

In addition to conversion to local currency, pricing also includes the required VAT based on a standardized rate for each country.

We understand that conversion and VAT results in a higher end price for EU customers, however please note that our base prices have not increased.  UA is simply meeting the EU requirement to charge VAT tax on products sold into the EU. When VAT and currency conversion costs are removed, the base price is the same as US dollars and in some cases, lower.

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