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Why was I billed a different amount than what was shown on my order invoice?

The UA web store displays and quotes all pricing in US Dollars (USD), with the exception of customers purchasing from the United Kingdom and European Union who will see pricing in Pounds (GBP) and Euros (EUR) respectively. Depending on your country of residence, you may ultimately be billed in your local currency which can result in the charge on your bank statement (which will appear in your local currency) showing a different amount than the invoice for your plug-in purchase (which will appear in USD, unless purchasing from the UK or EU as noted above).

Note: Countries that use the "$" symbol for their local currency in addition to the US include Canada ( CAD ), Australia (AUD), Hong Kong (HKD), New Zealand (NZD), and Singapore (SGD). Whenever shown in the UA web store, the "$" symbol always represents US Dollars (USD). 


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    Nicolas Bryce

    The Eden base amplifier said $74 But on check out the price went up to $149.00 just with a click Why ? I had just purchased a plug in had to stop after seeing prices go up on check help me understand this, This happened last night Tuesday the 19th.

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    Glen Laughlin

    I purchased the AMS expanded reverb expecting the sale price of $174.00. I then saw that I apparently had a coupon. The coupon savings was applied to a charge of $49.00, leaving a balance of $24.00, which I was charged over and above the $174.00. I wrote to you, but have received no response.

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    Shane Condo

    Yeah was disappointing to part with $400 above the 699 for the luna bundle. Its an easy fix, put USD next to the 699...der