Which Plug-in Bundle or Promotion Is Best for Me?

In this article, we will explain which bundle or promotion are the best offering for you, depending on your particular situation and exposure to the UA ecosystem.

I am new to Universal Audio, or I don't own any Apollo / Satellite hardware

If you are completely new to Universal Audio products, or if you don't own any Apollo or Satellite hardware, we recommend you take a look at our native UADx plug-ins and associated bundles.

We currently offer four bundles:

These four bundles include plug-ins that are natively compatible with your computer. This means they do not require any UA hardware connected to your computer in order to use them in your music projects. This is ideal if you want to get into the UA ecosystem immediately and benefit from world-class emulations of timeless equipment used on classic records. 

For more information on these bundles and what their content is, please read this article.

Another way to get into the UA ecosystem and hand-select plug-ins that you are interested in would be to purchase a Custom bundle. These bundles allow you to select any plug-in from our catalog, whether it is native UADx or UAD-2 compatible (i.e. requires Apollo or Satellite to run).

Important note: To make sure you are selecting native UADx plug-ins, make sure to check the list of plug-ins in this article. When customizing your bundle, select from that list so that you can ensure you will be able to use your products no matter how familiar you are with the UA ecosystem.


I am familiar with Universal Audio, I already own an Apollo / Satellite, or I want more plug-ins than what is offered in the previously mentioned bundles

If you already own UA hardware, such as Apollo or Satellite, the plug-in bundles mentioned in the section above are also applicable, as most plug-ins purchase both include the UAD-2 version of the plug-in as well as the native UADx if both versions are available. This means you do not need to purchase the same plug-in twice!

Additionally, if you are looking for even more plug-ins at a better price point, we recommend you take a look at the Ultimate 12 bundle. This bundle includes 121 plug-ins from the Universal Audio catalog.

Looking for even more? Check out the Complete 2 bundle which includes the entirety of the UA catalog. UAD Complete 2 features 149 separate product titles containing 215 individual plug-ins, up to and including UAD Software v11.0.

Important note: Some plug-ins, such as all the UAD Instruments, Capitol Mastering Compressor, Sound City Studios and Waterfall Rotary Speaker only come in the native UADx format. Other plug-ins have not yet been converted to the native UADx platform and are only available in the UAD-2 platform. For more information on which plug-ins are available in the UADx native platform, please read this article.

What ongoing promotions can I benefit from?

The best way to see what promotions are available to you is to log in to your UA account and check the My Offers section, as shown below:


Additionally, you can also visit the UAD Store Sale page here.

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