How Can I Tell if My Windows PC Has Thunderbolt?

About Thunderbolt & USB-C

Thunderbolt 3 and 4 uses the same physical connector as USB-C, but not all USB-C ports have Thunderbolt support. 

The USB-C connector is also used for other data protocols such as USB 3.2 and USB 2.0.

USB-C ports and cables that lack Thunderbolt support are not compatible with UAD Thunderbolt devices.

Check the USB-C port supports Thunderbolt and ensure your computer confidently meets the Universal Audio System Requirements before attempting to connect a UAD Thunderbolt device.

Check the Product Documentation

One way to tell if your Windows PC supports Thunderbolt is to check the product documentation. If the computer supports Thunderbolt, this will typically be a main feature listed in the product specifications.

Check the USB-C Port

Look for the Thunderbolt symbol.


This is typically found next to USB-C ports that have Thunderbolt support.


The symbol will also appear on the connector housing of Thunderbolt cables. On laptops, be sure to look carefully as this can sometimes be confused with a common charging symbol -- the Thunderbolt symbol resembles a lightning bolt with a defined arrowhead.


Thunderbolt Certified Products

Thunderbolt certified products are listed here.

When choosing a Thunderbolt product, mind closely to ensure it meets the UA System Requirements.


About Thunderbolt Add-In Cards

Some manufacturers offer Thunderbolt add-in cards. Solutions of this type are designed only for unique motherboards that are Thunderbolt-capable, but lack onboard Thunderbolt ports.

Thunderbolt add-in cards are only compatible with specific motherboards, and will not work outright on any system. Mixing Thunderbolt add-in cards and motherboards from different manufacturers is generally not advised.

For additional info on compatibility and requirements:

  • Check your system or motherboard's product webpage and documentation
  • Check the Thunderbolt add-in card's product webpage and documentation
  • Contact your system or motherboard manufacturer's support department for additional qualified advice

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