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Can I use UAD software & Live Rack software on the same computer?

No. UAD-2 Live Rack is incompatible with UAD software used for all other UAD devices (including UAD-2 DSP Accelerators, Apollo interfaces, and Arrow), and all other UAD devices are incompatible with Live Rack software. UAD software and Live Rack software cannot be co-installed on the same computer.

Important Note: Co-installation of both UAD-2 Live Rack software and other UAD software can lead to application and/or system hangs.

In order to use UAD-2 Live Rack with a computer that previously had other UAD software installed you will first need to perform a complete uninstall of the previous UAD software, including manually deleting the preference files and removing the channel presets. Conversely, UAD-2 Live Rack software must be manually uninstalled before installing UAD software for UAD-2 DSP Accelerators and UA audio interfaces. Please see the article below for directions.

UAD-2 Live Rack Uninstall / Reinstall Procedure

Important Note: Channel presets created for Apollo and Arrow interfaces are incompatible with UAD-2 Live Rack. After uninstalling the UAD software, you will need to manually remove the Apollo/Arrow channel presets from the following folder:

Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/Universal Audio/Presets/Channel Strip

If this folder contains no user-created channel presets, the entire folder can be deleted. If the folder contains user-created channel presets that you would like to save, move the entire Channel Strip folder to another location on your computer (e.g., the desktop). If UAD software for an Apollo or Arrow interface is installed back on to the computer at a later date these Channel Strip presets can be moved back into the folder above to be used again.

Note: UAD plug-in preset files (but not channel strip files) are compatible with both UAD-2 Live Rack software and other UAD software. 

Once the previous UAD software has been uninstalled, all preference files have been removed, and all Apollo/Arrow channel presets have been moved or deleted, UAD-2 Live Rack software can be installed. Click here to download the UAD-2 Live Rack software. 

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