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Can I Link a Different iLok Account to my UA Account?

This article demonstrates how to transfer licenses for LUNA and UADx plug-ins from one iLok account to a different iLok account. You may need to transfer licenses between iLok accounts if:

  • You are trying to move your iLok license(s) to a new iLok account
  • You accidentally linked your UA account to the wrong iLok account


  • There is a limit of two (2) transfers of LUNA and UADx licenses between iLok accounts. If you require an additional transfer please contact Customer Support.

Step 1 - Deactivate LUNA and UADx License(s)

Before you can transfer a license to a new iLok account, you must first deactivate all LUNA and UADx licenses from the old iLok account. This is done using iLok License Manager. 

To deactivate LUNA and UADx license(s):

  1. Open iLok License Manager
  2. Right-click (Ctrl+Click) on the LUNA license and choose Deactivate.
    Deactivate LUNA and UADx license using iLok License Manager

Note: If the LUNA and UADx licenses are not deactivated from the old iLok account, the following error will appear. If you see this error then make sure that you have completed Step 1 for all LUNA licenses.

Screen_Shot_2020-07-09_at_12.52.24_PM.pngiLok Transfer error


Step 2 - Transfer LUNA and UADx License(s) to a New iLok Account

  1. Log into your UA account: 
  2. Go to: 
  3. Enter the new iLok User ID and click Transfer.
    Screen_Shot_2020-07-09_at_5.04.57_PM.pngiLok Transfer page

  4. On the next screen, enter your iLok account login credentials and then click Authorize.
    iLok account authorization

  5. Next, click Transfer Licenses. This will move your LUNA and UADx licenses from the old iLok account into the new iLok account.

    IMPORTANT: Your transfer request will be placed in a queue. The transfer process can take anywhere from a few seconds to up to 15 minutes depending on how busy the servers are.

    Transfer confirmation page