USB Connection Info for UA Devices

This article shows information regarding USB connections with UA Devices such as Apollo USB, Satellite USB, and Volt.

Note: The info in this article pertains mainly to Windows PCs. Before proceeding, please ensure your computer meets the system requirements of your UA device.

USB Cables

For Apollo USB and Satellite USB models, see this article: Apollo and Satellite Data Cable Guide

For Volt models, see this article: Volt Cable Guide

Connecting to the Computer

Connect directly into the computer and avoid connecting through USB hubs, docks, and adapters whenever possible.

For desktop computers, connect into main I/O panel and avoid connecting into USB ports located elsewhere on the computer's chassis.

Main I/O panel of a typical Windows desktop PC

About USB Host Controllers

Connect into a USB port that uses an Intel USB host controller, or one that complies with Intel xHCI 1.1 specification or higher.

Some systems that use USB host controllers from the following manufacturers may not be compatible with UA devices:

  • AMD
  • Etron
  • Fresco Logic
  • Texas Instruments

To find what type of USB host controllers your PC has, search and open System Information using the Start menu.


The Components USB section of the report will show USB host controller information.

Note: Some Windows PCs will have multiple USB host controllers from different manufacturers. To find out which USB host controller is used with the physical USB ports of your PC, refer to the product documentation or contact the manufacturer's support department for qualified help.

PCIe to USB 3 Expansion Cards

Using a PCIe to USB 3 expansion card may enable UA devices to work on desktop systems with otherwise problematic USB 3 host controllers.

Although not fully qualified, the PCIe to USB 3 expansion cards listed below have performed well with UA devices in limited tests.

USB Connection Status Error

When using Apollo USB or Satellite USB models, the USB Connection Status Error may show if the device is not connected to a compatible USB 3 port.

Double check the steps in this article to ensure the device is connected properly. Connecting Apollo or Satellite into a USB 2.0 port or into a port that uses an incompatible USB host controller may also generate this error message. 

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