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Keyboard Shortcuts Not Working in LUNA

The following LUNA keyboard shortcuts are known to conflict with some Mac key commands. This article explains how to disable the Mac key commands on your Mac in order to use the keyboard shortcut keys in LUNA.


Toggle Record

By default, the key command to toggle recording, Command+Spacebar, is mapped to the macOS Spotlight search feature. You must disable this feature to use this key command in LUNA. 

In System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Spotlight, disable Show Spotlight Search:


Spotlight Shortcuts


Increase and Decrease Selected Track Heights

The key commands to increase and decrease selected track heights are Control + ↑ and ↓. These are both mapped to the macOS commands for Mission Control and Applications Windows. You must disable these features to use these key commands in LUNA. In System Preferences > Keyboard, click Shortcuts, and disable Mission Control and Application windows, as shown below: 


Mission Control Shortcuts window

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