Why are Audio Units plug-ins missing in LUNA?

This article will explain what you can do if one or more of your Audio Units (AU) plug-ins are not showing up in LUNA. Many of these cases are often the result of the following causes:

 The troubleshooting suggestions below address these possibilities.


Audio Units Plug-In Validation

Confirm that the Audio Units plug-ins are installed and that they are showing up in your Components folder. This can be verified by going to:

Mac HD/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components


Check for Audio Units Plug-In Updates

Check with your plug-in vendor to verify that the latest version of the plug-in is installed, and that it is fully compatible with your operating system.

Restart your computer if the installer requires a restart.


Record-Enabled Tracks and Audio Units Plug-Ins

Audio Units plug-ins will only populate in the plug-in drop down list when the track is not record-enabled. Make sure the track that you are trying to insert the AU plug-in onto is not record-enabled as shown below.



Supported Track Formats in LUNA

At this time, LUNA only supports mono-to-mono and stereo-to-stereo track formats. If you are trying to use an Audio Units plug-in that only supports mono-to-stereo or stereo-to-mono formats, such plug-ins will only show up on mono tracks or stereo tracks.

The workaround for mono-to-stereo issues would be to convert the mono track to a stereo track (Track menu>Convert to Stereo), and then insert the AU plug-in on the stereo track.

image4.pngConvert to Stereo option in Track menu


Resetting LUNA Preferences

LUNA preference files are used to save global LUNA system settings. To make sure these are not corrupted, delete the files below from ~/Library .

Note: To access ~/Library (which is hidden by the OS), hold down the Option key on your keyboard while accessing the Go menu in the macOS Finder (in the Menu Bar at top of screen when Finder is in the foreground). When Option is pressed, "Library" becomes visible in the menu so the hidden location can be opened.

Folder: ~/Library/Application Support/Universal Audio/workspace
File: AUPlug-Ins.json

Folder: ~/Library/Preferences
File: com.uaudio.luna.plist

Folder: ~/Library/Preferences/Universal Audio
File: LUNAprefs.json

Once deleted, empty the Trash on your Mac, and re-launch LUNA.


Submitting Feedback in LUNA

If you’ve followed all of the troubleshooting steps above but continue to not see your Audio Units plug-in(s) in LUNA, please submit feedback using the Feedback button in the upper left corner of LUNA. You will not receive a reply when using this Feedback feature, but all submissions are reviewed.

image2.pngFeedback Button

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