LUNA API Console License Mismatch

API Vision Console Emulation contains UAD plug-ins and LUNA Extensions. These UAD and LUNA components have independent licenses. Depending on the state of these component licenses, the License Mismatch dialog can appear in LUNA when attempting to use API Vision Console Emulation.


The license mismatch dialog will appear if UAD plug-ins aren't re-authorized after buying API Vision Console Emulation, or if one or more API component demo(s) are expired when the API Vision Console Emulation demo period is active.


API Vision Console Emulation Bundle Components

When you buy API Vision Console Emulation, these bundled API components are included in your purchase. When you demo API Vision Console Emulation, if the demo period for any of these components is expired, the License Mismatch dialog can appear.

LUNA Extensions

UAD Plug-Ins

API Preamp

API Vision Channel Strip

API 2500 Bus Compressor

API Summing

API Preamp

API Vision Channel Strip

API 2500 Bus Compressor


Bundle Purchase Troubleshooting

If you've purchased API Vision Console Emulation, you need to authorize its bundled UAD plug-ins to prevent the license mismatch. To authorize UAD plug-ins:

  1. Open the UAD Meter & Control Panel application
  2. Click the blue "UAD-2" button in the UAD Meter
  3. Click the "Authorize Plug-Ins..." button in the Plug-Ins panel

When the Authorization Status window appears, your UAD plug-ins are ready for use.


API Vision Console Emulation Demo Troubleshooting

When you start the API Vision Console Emulation demo, the associated LUNA Extension and UAD plug-in demo periods are started automatically. If an API component demo is expired, the license mismatch dialog appears.


Expired UAD API plug-ins


LUNA Demo Activation and Policies

To learn about activating LUNA Extensions, visit this article. If any API components have expired, you may qualify for a courtesy demo reset by request. UA Customer Support will manually grant additional 14-day demo reset periods, twice, to the registered owner after the original demo period has expired. To request a demo reset, submit a support ticketFor related information, see UA’s Demo Reset Policy.

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