Basic Troubleshooting When LUNA Freezes on Startup

This article covers suggestions to try if the LUNA initialization screen gets stuck, resulting in LUNA failing to open.  In most cases, this can be caused by system incompatibilities or when incompatible third party plug-ins are being initialized.


LUNA Splash Screen

Verify System Compatibility

An incompatible system may result in unexpected results so you will want to ensure that your computer is compatible with LUNA.  For information on LUNA system requirements, click here.  Additionally,  make sure that you're running the latest UAD software version:


Check Plug-In Compatibility

Occasionally, an outdated or incompatible third-party plug-in can cause LUNA to fail to launch. You can test this by removing all AU plug-ins from the Plug-Ins folder, then open LUNA to see if it will launch.

  1. Open Finder and navigate to the Plug-Ins folder.
  2. Move all AU plug-ins from the Components folder into a temporary backup folder that you create on the Desktop.
  3. Launch LUNA and if it loads successfully, then you will know that there is a faulty plug-in.

Now you can try  manually moving the plug-ins back into the Components folder one group of them at a time, reopening LUNA after copying each group to narrow down which plugin or plug-ins are causing LUNA to freeze on startup.


Plug-Ins folder location

Report Incompatible Plug-Ins

If you’ve found a plug-in that is problematic then please take the following steps to report the issue:

  1. Verify that the plug-in is the latest available version and that it is compatible with your operating system version. You will need to check with the vendor of the third-party plug-in for compatibility information.
  2. Use the Feedback button within LUNA to report the plug-in name and version number to our developers.

Note: You will not receive a reply using the Feedback feature, however, all submissions are reviewed.  

If you require further technical support then please submit a support request by clicking here


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