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LUNA Uninstall / Reinstall Procedure

LUNA Uninstall Procedure

Note: Make sure to manually delete the LUNA preference files as described below.


1. In the mac OS X Finder, navigate to the Applications folder.  Delete LUNA application:


deleting LUNA Application

2. Delete the Preference Files as directed below.

LUNA Preferences

LUNA preference files are used to save global LUNA system settings.  To make sure these are not corrupted, quit LUNA and delete the files below from ~/Library.

Note: To access ~/Library (which is hidden by the OS), hold down the Option key on your keyboard while accessing the Go menu in the macOS Finder (in the Menu Bar at top of the screen when Finder is in the foreground).  When Option is pressed, “Library” becomes visible in the menu so the hidden location can be opened.


Navigate to:

Folder: ~/Library/Application Support/Universal Audio

Delete folder: workspace folder

NOTE: Deleting the workspace folder will require the user to login again.


Folder:  ~/Library/Preferences/

Delete file:  com.uaudio.luna.plist


Folder:  ~/Library/Preferences/Universal Audio

Delete file: LUNAprefs.json


Once LUNA has been uninstalled and the preference files have been removed, empty the Trash on your Mac, and reinstall using the latest LUNA software found in the link below:



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