LUNA Control Surface Compatibility & Setup

The MCU (Mackie Control Universal-compatible) control surfaces listed in this article are tested and supported with LUNA Recording System v1.2 and higher.

For optimum compatibility with LUNA, confirm your control surface is updated with the latest software and firmware from the manufacturer.

Supported MCU Control Surface Articles

Each supported MCU control surface manufacturer has its own article containing setup instructions and control mapping diagrams for the device. Visit the article for your specific control surface below.

Note: To learn how to operate MCU control surfaces in LUNA, click here.

If your control surface is not listed here but it supports the MCU protocol, configure the device for MCU operation according to the manufacturer’s documentation.

Note:  Plug-in controls are not yet implemented in LUNA.


LUNA Setup

Follow these steps to configure LUNA to use a MCU control surface:

  1. Open the LUNA Sidebar by clicking the UA diamond logo in the upper left corner of the screen. Click Settings (or choose LUNA > Preferences from the app menu).


  1. Click CONTROLLERS.image2.png
  2. In one of the MIDI Control Surface rows, click under Input Device and select a connected MCU Control Surface from the drop menu.image4.png
  3. In the same MIDI Control Surface row, click under Output Device and select the same MCU Control Surface.image5.png
  4. Select the box in the On column to enable the controller.image3.png
  5. For most single fader controllers, the Focus Module box is automatically selected. If you do not want to use the controller to follow the focused track, or to control a bus when the bus is spilled, deselect this box. Click here for complete information about these settings.



MCU Extender Unit Setup

If the surface is an extender module (for example, a Behringer X-Touch Extender or an additional SSL UF8 used as an extender), click the Extender box.



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