DAW Control MCU Control Surface Setup with LUNA

Wiksnet DAW Control (iPadOS app) is tested and supported with LUNA Recording System v1.2 and higher.

Note: This article contains device-specific setup instructions, mapping diagrams, and known issues only. To learn how to operate MCU control surfaces in LUNA, click here.

Wiksnet DAW Control (iPadOS)


DAW Control Setup

DAW Control automatically works as an MCU control surface. However, setup for LUNA requires first configuring a MIDI network session in macOS’ Audio MIDI Setup app, then connecting your iPad to the network session.

Important Note: If the iPad is switched away from DAW Control for a period of time, the connection will be broken. To reconnect to the app in this case, perform steps 8-9 again.

To set up a network session:

  1. Open Audio MIDI Setup in the Applications/Utilities folder on your macOS hard drive.
  2. If it is not already open, choose Window>MIDI Studio from the application menu at the top of the screen. The MIDI Studio window appears.  
  3. Choose MIDI Studio>Open MIDI Network Setup… from the application menu at top of screen. The MIDI Network Setup window appears.
  4. Click the “+” button under “My Sessions”. A new session appears in the My Sessions area.
  5. Check the box next to “Session 1” to enable the session.
  6. Connect your iPad to the same wireless network as the computer running LUNA.
  7. Open the DAW Control app on iPad. The iPad device name should now appear in the Directory list in the MIDI Network Setup window within Audio MIDI Setup.
  8. Click the iPad device name in the Directory list so the device is selected.
  9. Click the Connect button below the Directory list. The iPad appears in the Participants area and configuration is complete.

DAW Control is now set up for use with LUNA. By default, DAW Control will display as “Network Session 1” within LUNA. For instructions on how to configure LUNA, click here.

DAW Control (iPadOS Software) Control Surface Mapping Diagrams

The diagrams below show how the DAW Control (iPadOS Software) controls and parameters are mapped in LUNA.






Known Issues

  • Plug-in controls are not yet implemented in LUNA.


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