SSL UF8 MCU Control Surface Setup with LUNA

The SSL MCU control surfaces in this article are tested and supported with LUNA Recording System v1.2 and higher.

For optimum compatibility with LUNA, confirm your control surface is updated with the latest software and firmware from the manufacturer.

Note: This article contains device-specific setup instructions, mapping diagrams, and known issues only. To learn how to operate MCU control surfaces in LUNA, click here.



SSL UF8 Setup

The SSL 360 software layer for use with LUNA should be set to the LUNA profile. 

To set the desired Layer to the LUNA Profile:

  1. Launch the SSL 360 Application
  2. Click on the UF8 you wish to set up
  3. For the given Layer you wish to use with LUNA, click the Profile drop menu and choose LUNA.

The SSL UF8 is now set up for use with LUNA. For instructions on how to configure LUNA, click here.


SSL UF8 Mapping Diagrams

The diagrams below show how controls and parameters are mapped to the SSL UF8 control surface in LUNA.

Note: MCU Sends and CUEs V-Pot Mode requires SSL 360 version 1.4. For download updates to SSL 360, click here.


Focus Mode


Nav Mode


Zoom Mode


Soft Key 1


Soft Key 2


Soft Key 3


Soft Key 5




Additional Quick Key Functionality

You can assign the PLUGIN function to a softkey in SSL360 version 1.6 and higher. It will then provide you access to the inserts controls.


Note: For download updates to SSL 360, click here.



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