V-Control Pro and V-Console MCU Control Surface Setup with LUNA

Neyrinck V-Control Pro and V-Console are tested and supported with LUNA Recording System v1.2 and higher.

Note: This article contains device-specific setup instructions, mapping diagrams, and known issues only. To learn how to operate MCU control surfaces in LUNA, click here.

Neyrinck V-Control Pro and V-Console (software)


V-Control Pro and V-Console Setup

V-Console app can connect to V-Control Pro and be designated as an MCU control surface. Setup for LUNA requires installing and licensing V-Control Pro on your mac and V-Console software on your iPad.

To set up V-Control Pro and V-Console:

  1. Launch LUNA.
  2. Launch V-Control Pro Software on Mac.
  3. Click the “V” icon in macOS menu bar
  4. Click “Setups” from “V” menu. LUNA should appear in the “Software” section of V-Control Pro.
  5. Open the V-Console app on your iPad.
  6. Tap the gear at bottom left corner of iPad app
  7. On the “Connection” page, tap the hostname for your computer.
  8. Tap the “Choose DAW” tab
  9. Tap “Mackie Control”
  10. Tap outside of the settings pop-up to close it.
  11. A LUNA Setup should automatically appear in the “Setups” section of the V-Control Pro app on the Mac.
  12. In LUNA>Settings>Controllers, connect to V-Control for Input and V-Control (2) for Output.

V-Control Pro and V-Console iPadOS apps are now set up for use with LUNA. There is a known issue causing LUNA to detect V-Control virtual midi ports twice. Follow step 12 exactly and connect to “V-Control” for controller input and “V-Control (2)” for controller output.

V-Control Pro and V-Console are now set up for use with LUNA. For instructions on how to configure LUNA, click here.



V-Control Pro and V-Console Control Surface Mapping Diagrams

The diagrams below show how the V-Control Pro and V-Console controls and parameters are mapped in LUNA.

Default Mode


Zoom Modeimage3.png


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