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Troubleshooting "No Devices Found" & Other Connection Issues

If you see red "No Devices Found" text in the UAD Meter, your computer is not detecting your UAD device(s). This issue can have a number of causes, such as a faulty connection between the device and the computer, a problem with UAD software installation, or an incompatible computer system. The troubleshooting suggestions below address these possibilities to help you get up and running with your UAD device(s).

Check Computer Compatibility

If you're connecting your UAD device(s) to your computer for the first time and see the "No Devices Found" text, first check to make sure that your computer is compatible with the UAD device(s) that you're using. See the system requirements for your UAD device below to make sure that your computer meets the minimum specifications:

Apollo FireWire System Requirements

Apollo Twin & Apollo Twin MkII System Requirements

Apollo Twin USB System Requirements

Apollo 8 & Apollo 8p System Requirements

Apollo 16 & Apollo 16 MkII System Requirements

UAD-2 Satellite FireWire System Requirements

UAD-2 Satellite USB System Requirements

UAD-2 Satellite Thunderbolt System Requirements

UAD-2 PCIe Card System Requirements

Check Data Connection

Check the data connection on your UAD device (i.e., FireWire, Thunderbolt, or USB) to make sure that the data cable is firmly seated into the ports on both the UAD device and the computer. 

If using Thunderbolt: The Thunderbolt logo on the Thunderbolt cable must be face up when plugged into both the UAD device and the computer. If the Thunderbolt logo is not face up, then the cable is inserted upside-down, which can be done fairly easily. 

Note: On iMac computers, the Thunderbolt logo on the Thunderbolt cable should face left when looking at the back of the iMac.

Hardware Reset (Apollo interfaces only)

Try re-initializing your Apollo interface by doing a hardware reset. See the directions for your Apollo model below:

Apollo Twin Hardware Reset

Apollo Twin MkII Hardware Reset

Apollo Twin USB Hardware Reset

Apollo FireWire Hardware Reset

Apollo 8 & Apollo 8p Hardware Reset

Apollo 16 & Apollo 16 MkII Hardware Reset


Uninstall / Reinstall the UAD Software

A full uninstall of the UAD software will remove all UAD applications, drivers, preference files, etc., from your computer so you can reinstall the software like new. This can resolve "No Devices Found" and other issues. See the directions for your operating system below:

Mac Uninstall / Reinstall

Windows Uninstall / Reinstall

Replace Data Cable

If you're still experiencing issues after going through the troubleshooting steps above, we recommend replacing your data cable (FireWire, Thunderbolt, or USB) with a new one, or with one that you have confirmed as working by testing it with another device. Bad or defective data cables are fairly common and even relatively new cables can develop issues that will cause your device not to be recognized by your computer. 

Troubleshooting Other "Connection Error" Messages

Other general "Connection Error" messages can appear in the UAD Meter under certain conditions. All of the troubleshooting suggestions above apply to these messages as well. 

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